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It’s been a whirlwind year for Quest fans. With the launch of three new flavors of Quest Bars, Quest Labs and most recently Quest Keto, the company who makes America’s Favorite Protein Bar is emerging as more than just a protein bar company. That doesn’t mean we can’t expect new bar flavors, though. The official word is that the third and final Quest Bar flavor in Quest’s “Epic Flavor Trilogy” is Rocky Road – and you can buy it from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and questnutrition.com on November 1st.

Rocky Road Quest Bar NOV 1

When Quest removed the Rocky Road Bar from Quest Labs, many fans took to the forums in protest, claiming, “Rocky Road was my favorite!” and hoping Quest would “release Rocky Road to the public soon.” Well, good things come to those who wait. The Rocky Road Quest Bar is almost upon us – so if you’ve been missing out on your chocolate, almonds and marshmallow protein bar fix there’s only a couple weeks left. And rumor has it Quest made some tweaks to the bar recipe to make it taste even better than it did when people tried it months ago.

This is great news for Quest Labs forum posters, like Karen Colglazier who joined the conversation with, “I’m glad so many other people have posted about Rocky Road!!! Hopefully if we keep this going Quest will take notice and bring this to us soon!”

Starting November 1st Karen and everyone reading this can pick up their very own Rocky Road Quest Bars at your local GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as well as from the Quest Nutrition website.

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