Gain Mass

The Ultimate Starter's Guide: Nutrition

Eat for muscle: Follow these 10 simple nutrition rules to fuel your fitness goals.

What you do in the gym is only part of the equation for building a better body. What you eat, how much, and when, is just as significant to the development of a great physique, to both newbies and finely tuned athletes alike.


Nutrition can be an overwhelming topic, evidenced
by the abundance of diet
books available today. To
simplify things, we boiled
it down to the 10 most
critical “rules” of nutrition
that, when followed, will provide you with the fuel you need for the body you
want. Most beginners entering the weight room for the first time are looking to build muscle size and strength, with little interest in getting ripped, which is why our rules focus on mass-building. But if you’re a beginner who wants to lose some body fat while building muscle, then these same rules apply, only with a few tweaks to some of the rules.