Late nights at the office or a jam-packed schedule is enough to make even the most dedicated gym rats settle for a less than ideal takeout meal—after all, it seems like most recipes require a laundry list of ingredients and half a day’s worth of time. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends 43% of his or her overall food expenditure on takeout. That’s some serious cheddar that you could save.

Money aside, though, if you’re committed about making gains in the gym, your nutrition needs to be a priority. Consider that one study, published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that those who spent an average of two hours prepping meals at home had better eating habits overall. So, to save you both time and money, we’re bringing you these nutritious recipes that are short in prep time, low in cost, and high in flavor.

Ignore the lure of the drive-thru and, with just a few ingredients, whip these up instead!