If you’ve been following the nutrition guidelines we laid out along with complete the 2019 Rock Hard Challenge workouts, your abs should be getting pretty sharp. But to give them the polish they need to look their best on the beach, follow the seven-day plan provided by Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N., a trainer and nutrition coach to physique athletes. Begin it seven days out from the day you want to look your best and follow it to the letter. In this example, we’re assuming a Saturday party. It won’t make a dramatic difference unless you’re hovering below the 10% body-fat barrier. If you are, then this plan will tighten the skin around your abs to show them to their best effect.


Eliminate all potential allergens in your diet, including gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners. You may not think you have food intolerances, but any that exist—no matter how mild—can negatively impact your ability to get as lean as possible by causing bloating and water retention.

Otherwise, follow the diet that’s been working for you so far. If you hit a roadblock consuming 12 calories per pound of body weight, you might need to drop to 10. Allow two full days of rest before your event, so if Saturday is your unveiling, your last workout should be on Wednesday.


For the best results, perform Day 2 three days out from your event. This upper-body workout will leave your trophy muscles primed to absorb glycogen in the form of carbs. After lifting, get 2 to 3 grams of carbs per pound of your body weight before you go to bed. If you train at night, eat half your carb total Wednesday and finish the other half Thursday. Otherwise, go back to your normal diet on Thursday. Note: This isn’t a cheat meal, so choose healthy carbs.


If you feel you look small and flat on Thursday (after a carb feast on Wednesday), eat 25 to 50 more grams of carbs on this day. If you look soft and bloated, eat 25 to 50 grams fewer.


Continue adjusting your carb intake based on how you look, and keep drinking your normal amount of water until late in the day. In the afternoon, drink smaller glasses or avoid water entirely after your last meal.

Continue eating your normal amount of salt until 24 hours before you plan to present yourself. So if you’ve been salting your food this whole week, continue to do so but stop about a full day before party time. You don’t have to avoid salt outright; just don’t add any to what’s in your food naturally.


On this morning, drink about half the water you usually do until you’re ready to pump up and party. Avoid all salt as well.

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