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The Beginner's 4-Week Reverse Dieting Meal Plan

Get leaner and repair your metabolism while eating more.

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You just wrapped up a cut. You are so happy with what you see in the mirror, but now what? You can't continue to cut because you won't make any gains. It's time to bulk, but the problem is that the last time you cut and jumped right back into a bulk- you got fat again quickly! I previously spoke about the benefits of reverse dieting and why you should reverse diet after every cut.

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Reverse dieting is a method used to slowly walk dieting calories back up to maintance while repairing your metabolism and actually make you leaner. In this article, I will be providing you with the ultimate reverse dieting meal plan.

Disclaimer: It is extremely hard to write out a generic meal plan for reverse dieting since reverse dieting will be based off of the end of dieting calories. This reverse dieting meal plan will be a good guide for you to base your reverse diet off of.

For the meal plan I will be using the example of a 22 year old male that weighs 170 pounds who ended his diet on 2,200 calories, 200 grams of protein, 245 grams of carb and 50 grams of fat. In order to properly set up a reverse dieting meal plan, you are going to need to know those vital numbers. If your unsure how to get those numbers, I recommend you to use a calorie counter app such as MyFitnessPal or FitDay to log in your whole days worth of calories. These calorie counting softwares will show you your macronutrient totals. These are the numbers we are going to be working with.

The first four weeks are the most vital to reverse dieting because if you add in too much too fast you will gain too much weight back, and if you add back in to little you will not get the same benefits.