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The Total-Body Sledgehammer and Tire HIIT Workout

Using a tire and sledge­hammer as training tools builds power, torches fat, and provides a healthy dose of anger management.

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Hammer Time Hiit Workout
Paper Boat Creative / Getty
Hammer Time Hiit Workout
Paper Boat Creative / Getty

If your gym offers a tire and sledgehammer, then you probably (read: definitely) want to get to swinging and flipping. That’s because whaling on and flipping a tire recruits all your upper-body and core muscles and builds lower-body power, while also jacking up your heart rate.

The best part: Letting the hammer rip (albeit, safely) is a great way to relieve stress. (It’s a hell of a lot more fun than jogging on a treadmill, too.) Even if you choose to perform just one of the exercises from the following circuit—created by C.J. “Murph” Murphy, owner of Total Performance Sports (totalperformancesports.com) in Malden, MA—you’ll still break a sweat. But give the entire workout a try. We promise it’ll work. We don’t promise, however, that it’ll be easy.


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Hammer Time HIIT Workout

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