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Company Overview: ALLMAX has become synonymous with top quality products that Pros and Trainers depend on to get results. Full label disclosure, research backed ingredients and effective ingredient dosages are some of the reasons top pros use and recommend our products. 

Protein Supplement Highlights: ISOFLEX has been the ALLMAX Flagship product since the very beginning. Featuring the purest Whey Protein Isolate and cofactors, ISOFLEX has become a staple with top Pros around the world. Delivering Cold-Temperature Processed, intact Whey Protein Isolate with 27 g Protein in every 30 g scoop with Zero Sugar and Zero Fat, ISOFLEX allows you to radically shift your macronutrient intake while mixing perfectly every time. Aside from the exceptional performance, ISOFLEX is a favorite because the taste well beyond what you would ever expect from a protein. 

Best-Selling Flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate 

Fat Burning Supplement Highlights: RAPIDCUTS Shredded features a ground breaking Target, Release, Ignite fat burning system and reads like a cavalcade of superstar fat burning ingredients; Full-Dose Svetol® Green Coffee Extract to match research, Yohimbine HCl to activate lower body fat burning, Standardized Yerba Maté and Green Tea Extracts, Capsimax® micro-encapsulated ultra-potent capsaicinoinds and blended Caffeine, Di-Caffeine Malate and Hordenine are just some of the top ingredients. Try it once with your toughest cardio session and you will never look back. RAPIDCUTS is truly potent and highly effective. 

New Products and Company Updates: CARBION+ High-Performance Carbohydrate just launched last week. 6 Sources of Carbs, all very high molecular weight and low osmolality; rapidly gets through the stomach and to the site of absorption and releases steadily providing a highly efficient fuel to power your training. CARBION+ is fortified with Electrolytes at high dosages and optimal absorption providing you with the hydration levels that prevent performance decreases due to dehydration while training. To further enhance absorption CARBION+ has included 4 top insulin-receptor sensitizers that improve nutrient uptake while requiring less insulin than would otherwise be required.  

Taken as a whole, CARBION+ represents a dramatic paradigm shift in workout supplementation. Limiting carbs while training at high levels of intensity strangles your ability to perform at your highest level and maximize muscle growth. Take CARBION+ 15 minutes into your workout and consume throughout.