Energy drinks are as ubiquitous as oxygen these days. According to Grand View Research, the global energy drinks market was valued at $43 billion in 2016, and it’s expected to skyrocket to $85 billion (nearly double!) by 2025.

So when you’re searching for physical and mental stimulation before a workout, you might be tempted to reach for a Red Bull or the like. Our advice: Use them sparingly.

“They’re not really good for you,” says Jennifer Agustines, R.D., of Tampa, FL. “They’re full of sugar, and a lot of them have preservatives and artificial flavors. The caffeine in them is fine, but a better caffeine source would be coffee or tea.”

As for which one tastes best, M&F staffers rated offerings from five popular brands from 1 (nasty) to 5 (delicious).

And in case you’re wondering, the dietition’s ranking is as follows:

  1. V8 Energy
  2. Red Bull
  3. Rockstar Boom!
  4. Monster
  5. NOS