Taking your body into ketosis can be a hard transition for some, leaving them feeling a little run down. But supplements exist to speed up the process and make it feel easier.

Kegenix is a patented drink powder formula that contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that spikes your body’s production of ketones within 60 minutes of drinking it. Additionally, Kegenix provides what are called exogenous ketones, which provide long-lasting energy—bridging the low-energy period that most people experience while their bodies adapt to ketosis. The MCT fats will prime your system to create more ketones on its own, so it will sustain the higher rate of production.

Although there’s no specific time that’s right to take Kegenix, Chief Science Officer, Dallas Hack, M.D., M.P.H., recommends one serving per day around 10 a.m., after your first meal in the morning. Since the supplement also acts as an appetite suppressant to a slight degree, taking it early in the day will carry you through to your next meal and reduce any cravings.

“The way your cells require energy and the way they produce energy becomes more balanced when you take a ketogenic supplement like Kegenix,” says Dr. Hack. “That means that the afternoon lull will likely be reduced. You should experience sustained energy throughout the day.”

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