If putting on muscle mass is your primary goal—and, really, what other goal is there?—then you probably already know that frequently eating ample amounts of protein is critical. You likely also know that getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night is a must for gaining muscle, because that’s when your growth hormone (GH) levels peak. Yet, that represents a long stretch when you neglect to give your body protein.



These three anabolic supplements push muscle growth from a variety of angles

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Would you go seven to nine hours without eating during the day? Not unless you want to look more like a marathon runner than a bodybuilder. Going that long without consuming any food puts your body in starvation mode, prompting it to steal amino acids from your muscle protein to convert to glucose to fuel your brain and literally break down your muscle fibers.

Although some obsessive-compulsive bodybuilders wake up in the middle of the night to eat and prevent this from occurring, a less extreme method is knowing what to take right before going to bed. Sleep on these five supplements. They will not only prevent muscle breakdown but also boost muscle growth while you slumber.