It’’s sure to come as a surprise when you realize, that up until now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never had his name on a sports supplement line, but it’’s true. After all, with a half century of experience in bodybuilding, the man has forgotten more about training than the rest of us will ever know. Fortunately for us though, “The Austrian Oak” has finally decided to lend both his name and acumen to a new product line co-developed with MusclePharm: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Series. “

After meeting with the MusclePharm team, learning about the company, and spending time with the founders, I knew they were the perfect partners to start a line of nutritional supplements and continue promoting fitness around the world,” Schwarzenegger says. “Their passion for sports nutrition and science fits perfectly with my mission to help everyone discover the benefits of health and nutrition.” We’’re offering an exclusive Arnold Series stack, which will serve to get you pumped up during your workout, and help you build new muscle afterward.

The Breakdown

Arnold Iron Pump

Arnold Iron Pump was engineered to create massive pumps. It contains ingredients that spur production of nitric oxide (NO); arginine nitrate leads directly to NO production, and ornithine, an amino acid, converts to arginine. Arnold Iron Pump also includes beet root and hawthorn berry, allowing blood vessels to relax, and create more NO. In addition, niacin enhances blood flow, and vitamin C helps prevent degradation of NO.

Arnold Iron Whey

This fast-digesting whey protein product was designed to support workouts and deliver amino acids into your system quickly. Each 120-calorie scoop delivers 22 grams of protein with only 6 grams of carbs. It also provides a range of specific aminos that support muscle growth and recovery, including glycine, taurine, BCAAs and glutamine, creating the nitrogen-rich environment necessary for muscle protein synthesis.

Stack It

Take one serving of Arnold Iron Whey before and after workouts, and at other times of day (up to three servings per day). To maximize NO production before workouts, mix one scoop of Arnold Iron Pump with 8–10 ounces of water, and consume about 30 minutes before weight training. You can combine one serving each of Arnold Iron Whey and Arnold Iron Pump with about 20 ounces of water for added convenience.


Arnold_Stack-1Arnold’s Iron Stack (includes):
– Iron Whey (2 lbs)
– Iron Pump
– FREE Water Bottle
– Price: $59.99 ($92 value)
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