Creatine is a bestseller because it works like crazy. And although its monohydrate form has historically been the most popular version, several other forms are now on the market. You can’t question the effectiveness of creatine monohydrate, but these other types of creatine hit your muscles in different ways. The idea, then, is to combine various forms of it for optimal results—the approach numerous supplement companies are now taking.


The majority of creatine studies involve monohydrate. Its efficacy is second to none, which is why it’s arguably the most popular supplement in history. Monohydrate boosts muscular size, strength, power, and endurance—and it’s all supported by years of scientific research.


This form is simply creatine attached to alpha-ketoglutarate. The attachment may enhance creatine’s absorption into the body, increasing the amount that gets into your muscles and leading to faster gains in size and strength.


Formed when creatine molecules attach to citric acid—an intermediate of the Krebs Cycle (the metabolic pathway that produces aerobic energy within your cells)—creatine citrate may supply your muscles with greater energy than other creatine forms. The citrate also allows it to dissolve better when mixed with water.

Creatine Overdrive – This table lists products that contain one or more of the creatine forms discussed above, in addition to other creatine varieties.

Supplement Servings Creatine AKG Creatine Citrate Creatine Monohydrate Other Creatine Forms
Beast Creature 60 Yes No Yes Yes
SizeOn Maximum Performance 24 No No Yes Yes
Beyond Raw Rebuilt Mass 11 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Muscle Pharm Creatine 60 No No Yes Yes
Universal Torrent 28 No No Yes Yes

Beast Creature
SizeOn Maximum Performance
Beyond Raw Rebuilt Mass
Muscle Pharm Creatine
Universal Torrent