To fuel your body via supplementation for optimal results in your quest for the perfect classic physique, you’ll need to address 3 points:

Gaspari Halodrol & PlasmaJet

Maximize Growth

To help build maximum muscle while getting as lean as possible two supplements provide the ultimate 1-2 punch; Halodrol and PlasmaJet. Used in combination, these two potent products make the most powerful anabolic duo available.

Halodrol uses 4 positive pro hormones to get your body in the most anabolic or muscle-building state possible.

PlasmaJet works perfectly with Halodrol because it allows the body to nourish muscles more effectively by increasing blood, oxygen and nutrient delivery while training.

Gaspari Classic Physique Stack

Muscle Support

Due to its intensity, training for the classic physique takes its toll on the body. SuperPump 250 gives you the long lasting energy and pump that’s strong enough for the most hardcore of workouts. In addition, HyperAmino floods your body during training with high quality amino acids and energy enhancers to makes sure that you stay at 100% strength through the duration of your workout.

Muscle Recovery

While it’s clear you need protein after you train, it’s essential to get the highest quality protein available to aid in recovery. Precision Protein is fortified with 100% hydrolyzed whey and embedded enzyme technology, which has been shown to increase leucine peptides delivery to the muscles to help initiate muscle growth and recovery faster than ever!


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