Novex Biotech®’s Growth Factor-9, the oral supplement that boosts your body’s human growth hormone (hGH) levels, was awarded a patent by the United States. HGH, which the body produces naturally from the pituitary gland, aids in muscle recovery and cell regeneration.

According to the patent, “The primary biological function of human growth hormone (hGH) includes stimulating growth, cell repair and regeneration. Once the primary growth period of adolescence concludes, the primary function of hGH in adulthood becomes that of cell regeneration and repair, helping to regenerate skin, bones, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys to their optimal, youthful cell levels.” 

While traditionally, people had to turn to prescription injections of synthetic hGH, Growth Factor-9 is an over-the-counter oral supplement that increases hGH levels in the body by stimulating the pituitary gland. 

“We are extremely excited about being granted this patent,” said Chantelle Daines, spokesperson for Novex Biotech®. “There are hundreds of products on the market that claim to increase growth hormone levels without injections. We’re very proud to receive the distinction of having a United States Patent that protects our oral growth hormone boosting compound from imitators.”

Growth Factor-9 makes the benefits of hGH accessible to everyone without the expensive and painful injections. It’s available at