September Jacked-in-a-Box

As editors at Muscle & Fitness, we are always receiving supplements to try, and it’s one of the best ways to find out which products and brands work best with your body. We developed Jacked-in-a-Box to give our readers the opportunity to try the newest and most popular supplements on the market. This way, you can test-drive a product before spending an average of $40 on a full container.

September’s Jacked-in-a-Box included samples from some of the biggest brands in sports nutrition, including Optimum Nutrition, BSN, MusclePharm, Beast, Gaspari, and MHP. We also included samples from some new, up-and-coming brands like Liftag and RevLabs.

We’ve received feedback that one serving of a test booster is not enough to for you to decide whether to purchase or review, so we partnered with RevLabs to send men a seven-day supply of RevTest, their all natural testosterone booster.

One of the most requested flavors for any product is usually some variation of lemonade. That’s why we included Beast Creature pink lemonade and MusclePharm Assault raspberry lemonade. Flavors aside, with one trial we think that you’ll feel improved endurance and notice an accelerated recovery time by using Creature. With the CarnoSyn beta-alanine in Assault, you’ll maintain better strength and power while training.

Innovation is what keeps the sports nutrition supplement category continuously evolving and improving, so we also included new formulations of two classic pre-workouts. BSN was one of the first companies to take a comprehensive pre-workout to market with the original N.O.-XPLODE. Now it’s been reformulated for explosive energy and enhanced endurance for optimal performance. Gaspari SuperPump is another classic pre-workout, and new SuperPump 3.0 has Piper nigrum extract for improved digestion.

We introduced Liftag to many of our readers in September’s Jacked-in-a-Box. Their pre-workout, Ulift, is a blend of amino acids and caffeine to expedite protein synthesis, reduce muscle 4 fatigue, and give you more overall energy during your workouts. It won’t cause any jitters, which many of you have told us you could do without.

We also received some e-mails from guys who are less interested in fat burners and more interested in weight gain. That’s why we called our friends at Optimum Nutrition to get samples of PRO Complex. With 60 grams of protein per serving, Pro Complex was developed with the hardgainer in mind.

Last, but certainly not least, is MHP Power Pak Fit & Lean Pudding. We’re always looking for new ways to get more protein into our diets, and MHP’s new protein pudding (15 grams of protein at 100 calories) tastes so good that you’d never know it was actually good for you.

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