Here are some of the supplements Muscle & Fitness Editor-in-Chief Shawn Perine takes when following his own LM-15 routine.


“Creatine has been show in multiple studies to boost strength levels and increase energy for workouts and muscle recovery. I like Con-Cret because you only need to take a very small dose to get the same effect as other products. Because creatine collects in your system, I don’t particularly worry about taking it in conjunction with my workouts, so much as I do not missing a day.”

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

“You probably know by now that Omega-3 fats are good for you. They have been linked to heart, blood vessel and joint health, and even brain function. When you’re training hard you want to make sure everything is being taken care of as you put your body through the wringer. Fish oil is your best source for the all-important DHA and EPA, and krill oil is high on the list of fish oils. I take 1-2 grams of krill oil a day, and also a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in my morning cereal, to supply me with fiber and ALA.”

Arginine/NO Product

“I love to get a good pump during a workout–it motivates me to train harder–and nothing does that better than arginine-based products. I’ve tried several different ones, all with success. Right now I’m using N.O. Explode, which has both arginine and citrulline, but Cellucor also has a good product in C4


“Conjugated Linoleic Acid has not only been shown in studies to reduce body fat, but also target belly fat. Apparently it has to do with the way it reacts with the distinct hormonal structure of the fat that tends to accumulate around the belly. And Tonalin® is apparently the highest quality CLA you can get. It’s derived from safflower oil, so it’s natural, which I like. I take 2-4 grams per day.”

Green Tea Extract

“The list of studies supporting claims of green tea’s health benefits is longer than my arm. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants, in the form of catechins, which are thought to help prevent cancer, lower LED cholesterol, support healthy bowel function, and even reduce the risk of cavities. And of course, green tea has also been shown to help you lose weight, and that’s independent of its caffeine content. I use a decaffeinated extract, but if you want the caffeine, that will jolt your metabolism, increasing the weight loss effects.”

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