The M&F Supplement Sample program is designed to give you access to a variety of products and help you find the right supplements for your body. Buying full-size containers of products that may not be well-suited for your training is a waste of your hard-earned money.

Our sample program allows you to try a handful of products every month at a very minimal price. The money you save with this program can then be used to purchase the full-size containers of the products you like best. Here are the seven supplements our subscribers tried last month.


CytoSport Monster Milk – Sale Price $27.99

With fast- and slow-digesting proteins, this powder is a great choice to take before and after workouts. It also has good doses of creatine, leucine, glutamine, and even betaine.



Protein Bar: Promax Pro Series – Sale Price $27.99

Most bars contain sugar alcohols, but if you have trouble digesting them, you’ll love these. The Pro Series line is fairly rich in carbs, which makes it a great post-workout meal if you’re tired of drinking protein shakes.



Pre-Workout: VPX 12 Gauge Shotgun – Sale Price $32.99

As the name implies, 12 Gauge Shotgun gives you a real shot of energy. Few pre- workout products on the market ramp me up like this one, so I use it when I need that extra jolt to get through my workout




Bryson Overstreet
Beast Sports Nutrition Amphetalean – Sale Price $29.99

Throw a scoop of Amphetalean Powder in a bottle of water and you’ll have an instant energy drink to sip on that will help you burn more fat throughout the day and your workout.


QNT RipTek V2 – Sale Price $37.99

Riptek V2 uses a combo of capsicum, purple corn extract, açai berry extract, berberine, pycamilon, resveratrol, glucommanan, caffeine, and piperine, to get the job done.





Pre-Workout: AllMax MusclePrime

As for MusclePrime, I like its unique ingredients, including cordyceps, ginkgo biloba, synephrine, and octopamine.
*Some members received MusclePrime, others Allmax HexaPro, based on preference.