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MHP’s Mutant Muscle Stack: MYO-X and T-BOMB

Boost your energy, testosterone, and muscle-building potential with this powerful supplement stack.

Every serious lifter on the planet wants to pack on the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time.  Some lifters are genetically gifted and can grow with minimal training due to superior genetics, whereas 99% of people have who are train fall under the hard gainer category.  Hard Gainers are defined as anyone that does not put on muscle mass easily.  Hard Gainers is not a myth, a recent study reported that when 585 male and female subjects completed a 12-week of resistance exercise program, there was a shockingly wide range of muscle growth and strength responses. The hard gainers lost 2% of their muscle mass and didn't gain any strength whatsoever. The best responders increased muscle mass by 59% and increased their 1RM strength by 250%. Remember, these individuals were subjected to the exact same training protocol. The good news is that now MHP has released two powerful new supplements to increase muscle mass by altering growth factors naturally.  There is no longer an excuse to be called a hard gainer with MHP’s MYO-X and T-BOMB Stack.  These two revolutionary supplements enhance the two most powerful anabolic factors for increasing muscle mass to date: myostatin and testosterone. 

Testosterone: The King of Muscle Building

Testosterone is called the “King of Muscle Building” because without it, you’re not going to be making any training gains in strength or muscle mass. Testosterone is such a powerful anabolic hormone, that when dosages of testosterone are administered to healthy young men, there was a significant increase in muscle size and strength without exercise. When exercise is added to testosterone supplementation, an even greater effect on strength is achieved. The same research group conducted an interesting study on different dosages of testosterone and how it affected muscle strength. The researchers discovered that testosterone was associated with a dose-dependent increase in leg press strength and power. Meaning that the changes in leg press strength and power was the highest for the groups that had higher testosterone. If your testosterone levels are not at peak levels, forget gains muscle mass, strength, or losing bodyfat. Intense training over a period of time can dampen your body’s natural testosterone production.

The Thin Line Between Training Hard and Overtraining

There is a thin line between training hard and overtraining, so if your strength and muscle mass is not increasing, it may be that your testosterone levels are suppressed due to overtraining.  Many serious lifters or serious strength athletes may think that taking a week off from training is all that is needed to prevent overtraining or going lighter will solve the problem…wrong!! One study documented the hormonal responses of an elite drug free Olympic weightlifter over a 21-week period. At the end of the study, the person’s testosterone levels were still not back to normal levels and cortisol levels remained high after 6 weeks of reduced training. It indicated that the physiological stress induced by intense training may last for more than 6 weeks even when the training volume was decreased by more than half. Obviously, it takes more than a week and may even take several weeks to fully recuperate. This study shows how easy it is to destroy your bodies anabolic capacity with high volume, intense training.  The key to intense training is to make sure your bodies natural testosterone levels do not become suppressed during intense training. Taking a natural testosterone-based supplement such as MHP’s T-BOMB can help prevent overtraining and increase testosterone levels. 

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