MICELLAR WHEY is a new, exclusive protein designed for athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance. 

In the sports nutrition world, taking whey protein post-workout and casein at night is still practiced. Whey protein is fast digesting, hitting your starved muscles post-workout more effectively than casein. The reason: whey contains the amino acid, leucine, instantly activating muscle protein synthesis. As for casein is the complete opposite because the amino acids get released over time — making it the optimal nighttime protein since it’s anti-catabolic.

Despite all of whey’s incredible benefits, it’s not perfect — look at the rate of digestion. It quickly dumps a host of anabolic amino acids into your system, which is not warranted for the long haul. That’s where casein enters. Because of the inconsistency, MuscleTech developed a protein powder that trickle-feeds your muscles with absorbable amino acids for over six hours.

The science behind Micellar Whey was to increase the size of a whey protein molecule — promoting a slower digestion rate with higher levels of leucine. This modified protein powder offers long-term anabolic support and anti-catabolic support

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Micellar Whey — The Most Anabolic Sustained-Release Protein

Pre-clinical in-vitro research was conducted to determine how rapidly Micellar Whey was digested, comparing it with whey protein and casein. Each protein was incubated to mimic protease activity at a pH of 2, the pH of your stomach. After the samples were analyzed for how much protein was broken down, it was determined that Micellar Whey showed similar protein digestion when compared to casein for over six hours.

Also, the leucine content of each protein was compared. It was clear that Micellar Whey had a higher content, stimulating protein synthsis faster and creating a greater anabolic window.


From the research, it’s evident that Micellar Whey is the answer for feeding your muscles day and night. You’ll be getting more out of your protein shakes — a higher leucine content that turns on the muscle-building switch for a longer period of time. 

With the invention of Micellar Whey, you can now have another weapon in your arsenal for making the fastest gains possible.

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