The most demanding athlete knows all too well the importance of an effective food supplement combined with their comprehensive daily nutrition. Science and the feedback received from the frontline regarding athletes’ needs allow us to make significant progress in developing increasingly-effective supplements.

In recent times, one of the most important topics regarding nutrition and sports supplements concerns the specific “peri-workout” period, being before, during and after sports training. It is a critical time for the athlete, given that particular systemic biochemical situations arise that can be manipulated, favouring both the performance itself and – above all – the subsequent recovery, ensuring faster and more effective recuperation.

In this regard, “intra-workout” drinks have become increasingly popular. Until a few years ago they were overly subject to “restrictions”, with a tendency to provoke an overload of the digestive organism, taking away precious blood from the muscles, frequently causing gastrointestinal disorders or dips in blood glucose with consequent obvious negative effects on training.

With the new intra-workout beverage concept, all these factors have been brilliantly overcome.

Bearded strength athlete holding a bottle of Energan supplement
Courtesy of Yamamoto Nutrtion

Yamamoto® Nutrition was the European innovator of this type of integrative support during and after training, with the launch of particular and specific elements such as cyclodextrins, various forms of hydrolysed proteins, or L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine®) to name a few.

With the development of the “FLEX SERIES” range, being highly sought-after by our Mr Olympia 212 Flex Lewis, we present the workhorse by which it is represented, a mixture to be taken in the “intra-workout” period, developed to better support the needs of any high-level athlete, with the best that science and quality raw materials can offer the market.

From these principles comes ENERGAN® – from the athlete, for the athlete – supported by the most advanced scientific research.

ENERGAN® is a beverage based on Highly-Branched Cyclodextrins (HBCD or, Cluster Dextrin®), an element that has brought the concept of using carbohydrates during training to a new level, becoming a true support and markedly-influential sustenance during the workout and for muscle recovery.

Cyclodextrins are the most innovative form of carbohydrates to date, best taken during and/or after training, being particular glucose polymers derived from the reaction between amylopectin with a specific enzyme to form a glucose polymer with a characteristic cyclic structure bearing an exceptional applicative potential. Cyclodextrins have an average molecular weight of 160,000 Da, with very low osmolarity that favors a gastric emptying and an equally-rapid absorption by the intestine that is higher than any other source of carbohydrate, to then be gradually released as “ready-to-use” energy but with an enduring energy boost free from glycemic crashes, without excessively elevating the insulin wave and especially without creating gastrointestinal discomfort, benefitting athletes seeking real support when training, with an immediate contribution of highly-bioavailable material for a quick and efficient recovery.

Thanks to the known chemical-physical and structural characteristics of this “special” carbohydrate, athletes seeking the best performance results, in contrast to the catabolism induced by the training and a swifter recovery, know the possible benefits of beverages containing cyclodextrins, specifically created to sustain a prolonged rapid energy release, with a more stable glycemic level and without remaining in the stomach too long nor slowed intestinal absorption that often results in gastrointestinal disorders such as swelling, flatulence, nausea or osmotic diarrhea.

Together with the rapid energetic action brought about by the Cyclodextrins, ENERGAN® contains a blend of essential amino acids from Kyowa Quality® pharmaceutical-grade “plant” fermentation. These are the basic building blocks supporting immediate protein synthesis, favored and emphasized in the wake of the training stimulus thanks to their very rapid bioavailability, without any need for digestive engagement that would require complete proteins.

In such a precise moment for the organism as is the period of muscle stimulation during training, to further promote maximum cellular hydration, we have included Sustamine®, the l-Alanyl-l-glutamine dipeptide characterized by very high solubility and a much higher stability than its free form, which rapidly degrades in ammonium when put into solution and is scarcely soluble. What’s more, when Sustamine® is in dipeptide form, it is much absorbed more easily, being favored by specific-selective carriers (PEPT1) and by a lower energy expenditure, guaranteeing a decidedly superior bioavailability and thus representing not only a precious “nutritive” element for enterocolitis or towards the immune system but presenting greater bioavailability for the muscles, thus ensuring cellular hydration, with a consequent increase in the absorption of water and electrolytes at a cellular level, thus backing the maximum potential of the cellular anabolic environment along with the influence that this “semi-essential” amino acid offers to protein synthesis.

A bottle of Yamamato Nutrition's Energan supplement next to a barbell in the gym
Courtesy of Yamamoto Nutrtion

The ENERGAN® amino acid mixture contains L-Citrulline (Kyowa Quality®), a non-essential amino acid that plays an important role in vasodilation, consequently improving the elasticity of blood vessels thanks to an increase in serum concentrations of Arginine and Oxide Nitric, being higher than Arginine itself, subject to an intense metabolism in the intestine and liver to greatly reduce absorption. This results in great sustenance of the blood flow to the muscles involved in training, considering that Citrulline also plays an important role in combating muscle fatigue, allowing both a direct improvement of trophic abilities supporting the muscle and favoring the elimination of catabolites derived from muscular activity.

In the inimitable systemic biochemical context induced by muscle contractions and the possibility of rapidly providing muscles with everything needed to recover, the presence of Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®, the most soluble and highest-quality creatine monohydrate on the market) is an added value of great importance in training and in the muscular support guaranteed by extensive scientific literature. Creatine’s main function in the muscle is to bind high-energy phosphate groups thanks to creatine kinase (CPK) enzymes, becoming phosphocreatine able to yield phosphates to the ADP, supplying energy supporting the ADP in short and intense muscular exertions characteristic of strength and power sports, thus providing extra phosphates and increasing contractile strength. In the muscular reconstruction context, along with supporting training, creatine is also able to increase intracellular hydration due to its osmotic properties that the cells identify as water. Creatine is thus able to further enhance the hypertrophied effect of training and the entire blend of precious elements contained in ENERGAN®, precisely thanks to a surge in hydration and cell volume, with an increased synthesis of muscle proteins and – indirectly upon the increase in contractile strength corresponding to greater mechanical tension on the muscle fiber – the main stimulus for those seeking muscle hypertrophy.

To promote maximum cellular hydration and thus its positioning toward anabolism, Glycerol was added in the form of GlycerolMax®, a greatly bioavailable version based on 65% glycerol and 35% silicon, much more stable and dispersible in water than the previous monostearate version.
When taken orally,GlycerolMax® is thus rapidly absorbed during workouts and distributed through the intracellular voids, increasing the availability of liquids in the blood and muscular tissues, thus combating dehydration during intense exercise, improving and prolonging the efficiency of the exertion and muscular pumping thanks to the increase in plasma volume.

For concrete results, the “training” factor must be maximized along with the presence of supporting aspects such as WATTS’UP®, a flavonoid derived from sweet orange, able to support maximum yield.

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Courtesy of Yamamoto Nutrtion

WATTS’UP® is coming to the fore thanks to its triple action suited to all types of sports, from strength to endurance, thanks to its ability to render mitochondria – our “cellular power plant” – more efficient, generating increased ATPs at constant oxygen levels.When training, this translates to more aerobic resistance but also additional anaerobic power, which can be rapidly perceived during exertion, all supported by clinical studies in the prestigious scientific journal (Maastricht, The Netherlands, 5th January 2018 -Journal of Sports Science and Medicine).

A beverage to be consumed when training must also serve the primary purpose of hydration. ENERGAN® achieves this by combining the multitude of elements with a high hydrating capacity, with the presence of powdered coconut water, a veritable “pool of electrolytes” with very high bioavailability for our body.

Coconut water powder ensures an extremely bio-available protection against dehydration, thanks to the presence of mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, which thus favor the maximum hydration of the body during physical activity, whilst supporting the organism in moments of intense exertion and high perspiration without causing any gastrointestinal discomfort.

If you are seeking a powerful and trusted ally to achieve your goals, ENERGAN® is the best choice currently available on the market, from athletes for the most exacting athletes.

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