Are your muscles voicing their opinion about that workout you did yesterday? Well if they are, then consider taking a saffron supp. The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine just released a study stating that saffron could be taken to prevent muscle pain and increase muscular strength.

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Saffron gets its bright orange-red color from carotenoid, an antioxidant that is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. In this study, 12 men took 300 milligrams of powdered saffron a week before and three days after a strenuous training session. The other 12 men took an NSAID within the same time frame. They all completed the leg press at 20 reps with a load equal to 80 percent of their max muscle capacity.

The result: the saffron group was pain-free, for three days post-workout. Interestingly enough, the saffron group also had a 64 percent increase in muscular strength.