Leg Exercises

7 Wheel-Blasting Leg Workouts

Serious total-body change starts with your legs. Try one of these widowmaker routines to get your quads and hams on the grow.


Rob McIntyre, CSCS, trains like a man possessed and so naturally, he expects his clients in the WWE to do the same. With a hard focus on power and performance, this routine misses nary a muscle fiber from the waist down.

Exercise                                          Sets/Reps

1 ¼ Front Squat with Pause 1     4/3

Snatch-Grip Deadlift                     3/8

Leg Curl                                          3/10-12

-superset with-

Walking Barbell Lunge               3/12-16 steps

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets on the first two exercises. Take no more than 90 seconds between the supersets of leg curls and lunges. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets on the leg press.

1 Squat down then come up ¼ of the way and pause for two seconds. Drop down to the bottom once more and squat all the way to the top position. This constitutes one rep.

Leg Press                                    3/15, 20, 25

Why It Works: Although short, this leg workout can be a bit advanced for those who don’t have proper flexibility. You will need to be proficient in front squat technique so you aren’t struggling for position and can focus on your legs. The first two exercises will work every muscle in your lower body and many in your upper body. Remember, your snatch grip deadlift will be done with much less weight than your traditional deadlift. Take your time on these first two moves. Pick up the pace for the superset. After that your legs should be trying to head for the door. Knock out some high reps on the leg press and hopefully you will have the ability to get to your car afterwards.

Rob McIntyre, CSCS, is a Florida-based strength and conditioning coach for the WWE. For more hardcore training tips from McIntyre, visit his gym’s website at www.hardnockssouth.com or follow him on Twitter @hardnockssouth. 

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