Whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship, or you’ve been playing the field longer than Jeter, if you’re single you’re well aware of the fact that single people are a species of their own.

We eat differently, we party differently, we dress differently, you get the picture.

But there are a few things single people do and think that would surprise even the most practiced player. To up your game, get familiar with these seven facts about singles from the latest Match.com Singles in America Survey.

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She’s playing the field, too

And you thought you were the player: Single women are more OK with the idea of dating multiple people at once than men are. Seventy two percent of single women think it’s fine to casually date more than one person at the same time, while only 60% of single men feel the same way. Kind of hot…kind of worrisome.

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You don’t care that much about what your date looks like

Apparently, hotness isn’t that important anymore. In terms of must-have qualities, physical attraction takes a backseat. Being communicative, respectful, trustworthy, and funny were rated as the four most important qualities in a match, and attractiveness came in fifth. That doesn’t mean you can stop shaving and wear your old college sweats on dates though.

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You’re a hopeless romantic

Aww—89% of singles believe staying married to the same person forever is totally possible. Clearly that 89% hasn’t seen the latest stats on divorce. Let’s not burst their bubble.

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But you don’t actually want to go through with marriage

The funny thing is that even though most singles believe long marriages are possible, only about half of singles – 53% – want to actually get married. 

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While a lot of singles think making out and holding hands in public are big steps, they aren’t the biggest. Traveling together is seen as more intimate than public displays of affection (94% of women and 83% of men felt this way). So if she tries to hug you in the middle of the street way too soon, just remember, at least she’s not asking you to get on a plane. And if you want to show her you’re seriously committed, skip the hand holding and grab the passports. 

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Money doesn’t matter

Back in the day, the man always had to be the breadwinner, but apparently times have changed. According to Match’s survey, 90% of men would date a woman who made considerably more money than themselves. What? Since when!? 

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You’re not alone

With all your friends shacking up, it sometimes feels like you’re the last-standing single guy, but the truth is, you’re not. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% percent of the adult population in America is now single. And half of those people are female…so go get ’em, tiger. 

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