95% of people would rather meet someone at a show than through an app

Set down your cellphone and head to the next music festival near you, says a new survey from (surprise!) ticket retailer SeatGeek.

95% of people would rather meet someone at a show than through an app

It's no secret that online dating is more popular than ever—but that doesn't mean that everyone enjoys it.

According to a new survey conducted by ticket marketplace SeatGeek, 95% of singles surveyed would rather meet a potential date at a live show than through a dating app. (And yes, this is exactly the kind of survey we'd expect to hear from a site that makes money selling tickets, but we figured it might be a good excuse to break out of your Bumble bubble.)

More specifically, the survey suggests that concerts are a great way to meet fellow single people, with 61% of those surveyed agreeing that they would want to meet someone at a concert. 55 percent of men and 52 percent of women think that concerts have the most attractive fans in comparison to other venues.

You should also probably take a break from trying to hit on single ladies at a bar—despite common assumptions, only 7% of people surveyed were most interested in meeting someone there.

Seatgeek survey

As Seatgeek's resident "relationship expert," Paul C. Brunson, points out, "The SeatGeek research underscores a very important point: That we'd rather connect with people in person than through an app or dating site."