When you’ve been on several dates with someone and the holidays are around the corner, you can’t ignore it. A holiday gift is pretty mandatory, especially if you plan to keep dating in the New Year.  

But if you’ve only been on a few dates, you don’t need to make it something huge—or hugely expensive. Instead, focus on a gift that’s low-cost and thoughtful. My favorite is something that’s more of an inside joke between you. An insider-y gift is something only she’ll understand and cherish. It also shows you care enough to want it to be remembered, which she can’t help but appreciate.

Your guide to dating over the holidays

Your guide to dating over the holidays

New girlfriend? Holiday split? Gift conundrum? Here's what to know.

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For example, I’d gone on only a handful of dates with my (now) wife when Christmas came around, so I got her a year’s supply of Tootsie Rolls in a wooden box—because she’d mentioned once that she loved them.

All you have to do is remember one thing. And if you’re worried you’ll forget it, buy it and hold on to it till you need it. Putting even a little thought into what you give will count so much more than giving nothing.

Thomas Edwards is founder of The Professional Wingman and an expert on all things dating, relationships, lust, and love.