It starts with a spark “There has to be chemistry,” says the 28-year-old Aussie. “I think sometimes you can build chemistry, but usually it’s something that has to be there from the beginning.” Dual personality “An ideal man would have an extroverted personality—but at times is introverted and down-to-earth. Someone with a great sense of humor and glass-half-full optimism. Just be yourself—honest, open, and willing to communicate.” Perfect ‘fit’ “Because I’m quite athletic, I love a guy who’s physically fit—someone who’s comfortable with being outdoors and on the dance floor!” Main attraction Which body part most catches Yvonne’s eye? Here’s a hint: keep curling those biceps. “On a physical level, arms and hands are definitely important to me,” she says. That don’t impress her much Keep it in your pants—your wallet, that is. “Sometimes a guy will come up to me and say, ‘Hey, you wanna jump into my hot car and go to my mansion in Malibu for a really hot party?’ I can’t stand men who throw their money around thinking it’s impressive.” Another major turnoff? “Cheesy pickup lines.” Yin to her yang “I’m constantly trying to achieve balance. I need a calming energy in a partner to help balance out my energy—which is persistent, and I often don’t know when to stop.”

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