Relationships are complicated business. From arguing with your girlfriend (without completely destroying the relationship) to those awkward, must-have sex talks, there are plenty of tricky conversations to navigate when it comes to love (or lust).

Thankfully, though, no matter what your predicament in the love department might be, there’s always Google.

With more than a billion unique visitors each month, the world’s most popular search engine is no stranger to the world’s most pressing inquiries—from “how to shoot like Steph Curry” or “what is astral sex” (yes, it’s a real thing). And thanks to Google’s newly released “Year in Search” data trends, we know what you searched the most, especially when it comes to relationships.

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Taking the top spot on Google’s most-asked relationship questions this year: “How to make long-distance relationships work.” Other key search terms from this year include open relationships, changing a relationships status on Facebook (who even does that anymore?), and getting out of a toxic relationship, but you can see the results for yourself.

Here are Google’s top 10 most-searched relationship questions in 2017:

  1. How to make long-distance relationships work?
  2. How to change relationship status on Facebook?
  3. How to build trust in a relationship?
  4. What is a poly relationship?
  5. How to save your relationship?
  6. What is an open relationship?
  7. How to get over a relationship?
  8. How to get out of a toxic relationship?
  9. How to know when your relationship is over?
  10. What does a healthy relationship look like?

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