Keeping fun alive in a relationship can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s always one worth working on. When that fun allows you to share a passion for health, it is a fitness plan for success. Exercising with your better half—and even some healthy competition—is a great way to spend quality time and improve not just your fitness level but also your bond between the both of you. One thing that my wife, Heidi, and I do to stay close while I’m away on the road—which is a lot—is share the same workout routine. No matter where I am, I know she’s starting her morning doing the same routine as I am. Later in the day, when we get a few moments to talk, we share how our workout went from the exhilaration to the aches and pains. With a little creativity, you and your girl can come up with your own romantic and challenging fitness fun.
The Rules: When working out with your partner, remember a few simple rules of respect.
1. Have patience
Everyone is at a different level, so make sure she’s comfortable with the activity or exercise first. If her idea sounds a little too easy, find a way to make it more challenging for you.
2. Keep it positive
Keep the feedback positive and encouraging. Remember, you want this to become a regular—or at least occasional—thing, so be sure to keep the competition friendly and fun.
3. Share you passions
Not all of your interests will overlap. She may love dancing while you just want to hit the weight room. Learn a salsa move or two and she might just agree to lift some iron.
A “Couple” of Ideas
There is so much you can do together as a couple. The possibilities are endless. Spend an evening creating a list of fitness activities you’d like to do together and then make a plan of action. Here are some ideas to get you moving.
  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Ice Skating
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Playing Tag
Nothing is sexier than a man who is willing to work for his woman. If you’re really going for gold, try one of these:
  • Take her for a ride in a pedicab
  • Row her across a lake for a picnic
  • Take a Zumba, tango, or salsa dance class with her
  • Take her to a playground and push her on the swings
  • Give her a surprise massage
Finish with stretching. Assisted stretching increases flexibility and can make you more aware of your partner’s body.