You’re more likely to take a woman to bed if she’s been fully and properly fed first (i.e. not starving). No, we’re not kidding. Scientists from Drexel University say so. 

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In the study, researchers used MRI imaging to examine the reward centers in the brains of hungry and satiated women—some of which were past-dieters, and others who had never dieted—as they viewed “romantic pictures.”  Then they compared the same group of women as they viewed neutral stimuli in the fasted and fed state. 

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Interestingly enough, the young women—regardless of their dieting history—had greater brain activation in response to these sexual images in the reward-related areas after having eaten, than when they were hungry. Typically, people demonstrate a greater sensitivity to rewarding stimuli like money and drugs when they’re hungry. But not when it comes to sex, apparently.

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“In this case, they were more responsive when fed,” study author Alice Ely, PhD, said in a release. “This data suggests that eating may prime or sensitize young women to rewards beyond food. It also supports a shared neurocircuitry for food and sex.”

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So, if you’re planning a romantic night out in hopes of it leading to a romantic night in, make sure to make a stop at a restaurant, or cut out all the excess travel time and cook her a meal at home. Satiate her hunger, and odds are, she’ll satisfy yours. 

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