If you’re tired of dating girls who roll their eyes when you switch on the game, it might be time to look elsewhere. In fact, you should check out your surroundings the next time you’re at a stadium or bar for a sporting event.

Talking to a girl who’s watching the same game as you has numerous benefits: There’s a mutual connection and easy conversation starter, she might like the same team, and she won’t be bothered by your sports enthusiasm in the future. Now, you just have to figure out how to approach her. To help you through this process, our partners at Bleacher Report have shared 10 ways to score a date during a game.

For instance, try cheering with an attractive fan. When your team makes a basket or scores a goal, join in with others for the shenanigans. The adrenaline will be pumping and the camaraderie strong, so she’s less likely to be standoffish. To do this, however, you already have to be close by, so choose your seat wisely. For more tips, check out the full article.

Once you snag your sporty chick, learn how to plan a killer adventure date that’ll satisfy her adrenaline-seeking spirit.