Take the hundreds of sex tips you’ve filed away over the years and add them to the wisdom you’ve gained from real-life experience, and you end up with encyclopedia-like knowledge of exactly how to satisfy a woman.

Riiight. If that were true, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. The more likely story is that you’re suffering from intimacy information overload. So, how do you know what’s accurate and what’s a bunch of BS?

Start here: Our partners at the online dating site HowAboutWe.com recently set the record straight about the biggest myths you’ve been told about women and sex. Here are some common misconceptions:

•  Women want sex less than men do. Truth is, she might just be bored.

•  Women want to get it over with. If you don’t mix things up from time to time, this might hold true. But add some variety and she won’t want to rush.

•  Women have to be coaxed into sex. In reality, she’s more like you than you might imagine. Let her make the first move sometimes.

For more myths, click on over to How About We’s 5 Biggest Myths You’ve Been Told About Women and Sex.

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