Things are getting hot and heavy, clothes are being thrown around your bedroom and you’re thinking the next 45 minutes (okay 20) are going to go down like a sexy movie scene. Suddenly your girl seems to be pulling away and hesitating about having sex with you when she was so into it just a minute ago. Now you’re second-guessing yourself: Was she disappointed when I took my shirt off? Was it that stupid joke she fake-laughed at during dinner? Does she think I’m going to suck in bed? Or wait, do I need more deodorant and a breath mint?

While your girl might change her mind about having sex with you at any given moment, if the issue at hand is that you stink, you said the wrong dirty comment, or you’re guilty of any of these other awkward bedroom mistakes, prevention is key. We’re share what real women told us about the things men did in bed that killed the mood for them. Avoid these missteps and you can get back to having fun.