The more often you ejaculate, the lower your risk of prostate cancer will be, Harvard is reporting and it doesn’t matter if you’re making sweet love to your honey bunch, banging a bridesmaid in a taxi cab, or choking the chicken in your mom’s powder room.

The recent 10-year follow-up to a 2004 study confirmed that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month had a 20% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who got off only four to seven times a month.

“Even 13 or more ejaculations per month led to significant reductions in prostate cancer risk,” says study head Jennifer Rider, Ph.D. She and her colleagues speculate that getting rid of all of that baby batter releases a citrate that nourishes sperm and keeps nearby cells healthy, or that regularly flushing out all that moldy old baby batter purges potentially cancerous cells.

And, in related dick news: Two to three cups of coffee (85–170mg caffeine) a day can make you 42% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to a University of Texas study. Docs think the caffeine relaxes the arteries and muscles that lead to the penis, allowing for more, and better, chubbies.

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