Roses and candles can set the mood—but today, it’s putting on a pair of kitchen gloves and squeezing a bottle of Palmolive that really seals the deal, romantically speaking.

Couples who share the dishwashing, vacuuming, and other domestic chores once considered “women’s work” have a better and more fulfilling sex life, says a new study written by Cornell professor Sharon Sassler that analyzed data acquired from 2006 on marriages formed since the early ’90s.

“It makes sense in terms of contemporary relationships,” says couples expert Gary Lewandowski Jr., Ph.D. “More and more, people expect equitable sharing, so when that happens, the relationship meets expectations—and that increases satisfaction.”

And while you’re in the kitchen, why not really go for the kill and toss her an apple? A recent Italian survey found that women who ate at least an apple a day experienced more sexual pleasure.

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