Almost nobody likes cardio, but pretty much everyone likes sex. So why not put them together?

That’s the premise behind BangFit, the new and slightly ridiculous concept from Internet smut giant Pornhub. Billed as “the fitness miracle gyms don’t want you to know about” (not making this up), BangFit is purportedly an “exercise platform” (still not making this up) created to “to fight against our sedentary lifestyle” (that much we can pretty much agree with).

So yeah, you just found another excuse to spend time on Pornhub, and/or having sex.

Seriously though, the program features multiple videos, each with its own “exercises” ranging from the relatively routine to the more exotic, like the “Squat and Thrust” and “Missionary Press.” There’s even “scores” to track movement. Of course, if you hit the gym on a regular basis—even for a short high-intensity workout—you probably burn plenty of calories as it is. But hey, why not make extracurricular activity even more fun?

And if you don’t have an, ahem, gym partner, don’t fret: There’s a solo option, too. (This is PornHub, after all.)

It even comes with a real-life “BangFit Band,” a specially branded strap to attach a phone for easier viewing. The band is sold out—but until it becomes available again, there’s always the Shakeweight, or your desk computer. (Just remember to set it to private browsing, okay?)

Anyway, you can learn more at the BangFit website, or watch the explanatory video below. Neither is really safe for work. Just so we’re clear.

And in the meantime, you could try these (totally safe for work) workout routines.

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