What to do if you sexted your ex—and she sexted back

Not sure whether to admit the "mistake" or go with the flow? Here's what to do next.

Why You Should Sext More

Ask Men's Fitness: "I accidentally sexted my ex, and now she’s sexting me back. We always had good sex, and the breakup was friendly. Should I admit it was a mistake or go ahead and sleep with her? She seems into it..."

OK, I’m going to suspend my disbelief that you “accidentally” sexted her and respond to your question. I think the cooler move would be for you to be honest and tell her the sext was a mistake.

I’m all for recycling, but even if your breakup was amicable, the fact that she’s sexting you means she probably still has feelings for you. I know it’s fun to get your ego stroked by an old flame, but the more evolved version of you would come clean—if not about the sext, then at least about your feelings for her (or lack thereof). Who knows, your integrity might make her want to sleep with you more!