DR. MICHAEL AARON, Ph.D., psychotherapist/sex counselor: Depending on the study, the average length of actual intercourse is just 4–5 minutes.

That said, I think guys put too much pressure on themselves about how long they last in the sack, particularly with so many ways to please a partner besides intercourse.

Just enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll have a much better experience—and so will she.

JENA FRIEDMAN, writer and stand-up comic: Anytime I’ve had great sex, I’ve never been cognizant of how long it’s lasted. There are obvious parameters, like don’t splooge right away (the five-second rule isn’t just for food), but rather than fixate on time, focus on who you’re with. Sometimes really quick sex is great, especially if you’ve gotten her off during foreplay. 

As for signs she’s ready for you to be done, listen for things like “No, stop,” “Go ahead, come,” or “I’m ready for you to be done”—a lot of us are pretty direct when we want sex to be over. If she’s not, watch for nonverbal cues, like yawning.

Now go get her (consensually), Tiger!  

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