Abs and Core Exercises

Hate Ab Work?

Your abs don’t need to be trained directly to grow.

overhead barbell press

The main function of your abs is to protect the spine by preventing it from being unduly bent, twisted, or overextended—in other words, keeping it still by holding on to it tightly. Getting your abs strong is as simple as tensing up your gut. Follow these three steps and you’ll see them pop.

Step 1: Lift Something Overhead

The military press and snatch requires your abs to work hard to keep you upright.

Step 2: Lift on One Leg or with One Arm

Unilateral training challenges your balance—that means more core activation.

Step 3: Catch and Throw

Passing a medicine ball forces the abs to absorb force then redirect it.

QUICK TIP: Eat clean. No matter how strong your abs are, your six-pack won’t show till you get down around 10% body fat.

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