The TRX body saw manipulates your stability and challenges your core by restricting your core movement to maximize the effects of the exercise—which, because you’re using a suspension trainer, calls for an extra level of stability—and also engages other secondary muscles such as the deltoids, glutes, and hip flexors. Compared with a traditional plank, you’ll build a greater level of core strength and increase the flexibility throughout your lower and mid-torso. Add even more intensity to the TRX body saw plank by driving your body backward or forward.

How to do it

  1. Get into pushup position, place your feet into the straps, and then rest on your forearms. Engage your core.
  2. Keeping your abs braced, drive your body back toward the anchor point.
  3. Keeping your core engaged and your back flat, pull your body back to the start.

Form check

For more core activation, place your hands flat on the ground and drive your palms into the floor.