Abs and Core Exercises

2 Supersets for Six-Pack Abs

Get a ripped midsection with this quick, but advanced abs routine.

Six-Pack Abs

While the amount of detail in your abs is most directly related to what you stuff in your chew hole, don’t fool yourself into thinking that training them hard has somehow gone out of style. Blasting your abs with challenging and constantly varying workouts is crucial if you expect to have a middle worth showing off. Too often, we become stuck in the same remedial array of exercises, sets and reps, allowing the miracle of adaptation to rob us of any potential gains in muscle quality. By stepping things up and implementing more intense training protocols, you can swiftly enhance the appearance of your sixer.


Take no rest between exercises on either superset. Simply alternate exercises until five total supersets have been completed. Rest 1–2 minutes between Supersets 1 and 2.

Superset No. 1:

Ab Workout - Rollout

Ab Wheel Rollout

Sets – 5
Reps – 10
Wheel it in: One of the few infomercial products to have come out in the last two decades that has proven to be anything but a gimmick is the ab wheel. Sure, you can easily replicate its benefits with a barbell and a couple of 25s, but the narrow and less stable construct of the wheel helps to better engage more of your core musculature, which is targeted first in this minimalist workout. A properly performed rep on the ab wheel, one where you start and finish with your thighs perpendicular to the floor while keeping your back as flat as possible throughout, massacres your rectus abdominis from top to bottom, while also engaging your deeper transverse abdominis.

Ab Workout - Plank


Sets – 5
Reps – Hold 30 sec.
Plank it up: The plank may not be as alluring as dragon flags or inverted situps, but it holds value beyond the gym’s flavor of the week or your favorite Rocky training montage. Because planks increase positional strength along your transverse abdominis, they condition your abs to hold closer to your spine at rest. This will leave you with a flatter stomach and, probably, a few pairs of saggy jeans to chuck into the Goodwill bag. By supersetting this with the ab wheel for 30 seconds at a time, your transverse abs—the deep core muscles—get a double dose of gruesome but waistline-whittling work.

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