Ever been here? Your quads are tired, your chest is sore, and your back and shoulders still need at least a couple of more days of recovery time. Yet you have this dire need to hit the gym. And since this isn’t a scheduled rest day, it just seems a shame not to train something.

When was the last time you spent an entire training session on bodyparts that usually get just a few minutes at the end of other workouts? We’re talking abs, calves and forearms. It’s not that you don’t care about these muscles, but you have your priorities, right? Well, today you have permission to rest the majors to hit the minors.

This workout entails a thrashing of these three bodyparts using multiple exercises and varying rep ranges. On some sets you go as heavy as a six-rep max and on others you do 15—20 reps and beyond. As you hit the door to head home, you’ll have no doubt that you indeed had something to train.

Abs, Calves & Forearms Workout

EXERCISE                                SETS    REPS  Reverse Cable Curl			2	6  Seated Cable Wrist Curl		        3	12  Overhead Hang ¹			        4	to failure  Dumbbell One-Leg Calf Raise	        3	15  Leg-Press Calf Raise			3	20  Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise		3	20  Decline Cable Crunch			2	15  Standing Cable Oblique Crunch	        2	20  Double Crunch			        3	to failure  

¹ Use a wide, overhand grip and hang for as long as possible. Rest as long as you were able to hang on the previous set before beginning the next.