Michael’s Workout

All exercises are done for three sets of eight reps the first week. Each week, Michael adds one rep until he’s performing three sets of 12 reps. He then adds weight and returns to eight reps per set.

Biceps & Triceps Combined

Dumbbell Curl Reverse Curl
Dumbbell Kickback Overhead Triceps Extension
Cable Curl Wide-grip Barbell Curl
Cable Pulldown Hammer Curl
Preacher Curl Cross-body Curl
Lying Triceps Extension  

—Michael from Laredo, TX, sent us his arm routine. We gave it a letter grade and provided a revision below.

-M&F Rating: C+

New Workout

Cut volume and balance your tri’s and bi’s.

OUR ADVICE: You’re smart to employ a system of progression by adding reps weekly, but you can’t use it on every exercise—especially when you’re performing 11 total lifts! That’s too much work for small muscles like the biceps and triceps. Furthermore, you’re doing 24 sets for the bi’s and only nine for the tri’s—that’s a major imbalance. Cut this down to nine total sets for each muscle—three sets of three lifts for each. You can switch up these moves every four to six weeks for more variety, but keep to your progression plan of adding a rep weekly and then increasing the weight.

Exercise Sets Reps
Cross-body Curl 3 8-12
Triceps Pushdown 3 8-12
Reverse Curl 3 8-12
Dip 3 8-12
Preacher Curl 3 8-12
Lying Triceps Extension 3 8-12