John Meadows, the creator of the Mountain Dog training and diet system, is the vice president of a bank, a former powerlifter who trained at Westside, a highly successful bodybuilder, and one of the most sought after training and nutrition consultants in the world.

Meadows’ workouts are best known for his unique variations on traditional exercises for each body part, and this simple-yet-excruciating tri-set is a perfect example. To perform it, just place a pair of fairly light dumbbells on the floor next to a high pulley attachment at your gym. To get the full benefit of this tri-set, you’ll need a pair of Grip4orce grips. For your triceps pushdowns, it makes no difference which attachment you use. Just make sure to move through each rep in slow and controlled fashion. For your Grip4orce curls, perform the concentric (upward) portion of the move, then lower the dumbbells with a three-second negative. Do five rounds, with 90 seconds between tri-sets.

John Meadows' Arm Routine

Excercise Sets Reps
Triceps Pushdown (slow) 4 12-15
Grip4orce Dumbbell Curl* 3 12
Dumbbell Curl** 3 12

*Perform a three second negative.
**Perform at normal speed.