In this quick post you'll learn a very unique pull-up variation that we have been doing for years.  I call them grappling pull-ups and they are amazing.  I saw them years ago in an old MMA training video with Jens Pulver. Aside from the pull-up bar, all you'll need are two lacrosse or tennis balls to perform this high tension move for superior pulling strength. Be sure to watch the video below to identify the proper mechanics for this beast of a pull-up  variation. 

Grip Strength / Wrist Strength

Using the balls is exactly what makes this pull-up variation a beast.  By holding a tennis / lacrosse ball in each hand, you’ll have to keep your wrist flexed the entire time.  The tension created in the wrists and into the forearms helps develop serious pulling strength.

Great Tension

You’ll instantly notice the tension created in your hands is carried across your arms into your upper back.  You’ll create much more stability and contraction throughout the movement.

The Setup

With the wrist flexed, the balls will be sandwiched between the hands and the bar and the athlete’s entire bodyweight will be held on top of this setup.  You’ll actually feel the balls compress under the weight.  If tension is lost just for a moment in the wrists, the athlete will fall.