Since he’s a combat-tested Army Green Beret sniper with a Bronze Star to his credit, Tim Kennedy could easily have served as our military representative for this 21-Gun Salute. Hell, Kennedy’s story is so incredible that we’ve featured him twice over the past two years. Since he also happens to be one of the top-ranked middleweight MMA fighters in the world, however, we’re including him for an MMA-flavored approach to great guns. Either way, you can’t argue with the man’s physique—or his results in the cage.

One exercise of note is the Cuddyer Killer, which you won’t find with a Google search (trust us, we tried). “We got it from the football staff at the University of Texas,” Kennedy says. “They do it with their wide receivers. Anchor your fingers down with your thumb, then just ‘flick boogers’ as hard as you can with all five fingers at the same time. You can do it either for reps or for time.”

Tim Kennedy's Arm Routine

Excercise Sets Reps
Chinup 3 8
EZ-bar Curl 4 8
Isometric Barbell Curl Hold 4 10-15 sec
Chain-weighted Dip 4 5-8
^ Superset w/ Cable Chop with Triceps Rotation 4 8 each side
Single-arm Chain Curl 12 each side
Band Triceps Extension* 100 reps
Barbell Forearm Curl 3 10
^ Superset w/ Cuddyer Killer 3 20 each side

*Perform as many sets as it takes to complete 100 reps