Back Exercises

The Best Deadlift Variation to Protect Your Back

For guys with injuries or miles on their bodies, this deadlift variation may be the key to more mass without the joint pain.

The Best Deadlift Variation to Protect Your Back
Per Bernal / M+F Magazine

How to Do It

1. Load the sleeve of a barbell into a landmine unit. Stand at the opposite end of the bar and load its sleeve with weight. If you don’t have a landmine in your gym, wedge the bar into a corner.

2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the hips, bending your knees as needed until you can grasp the sleeve, fingers interlaced. Your lower back should be flat.

3. Take a deep breath. Twist your feet outward, rooting yourself into the floor, and extend your hips to lift the bar up in front of you.

Spare Your Spine

The path the bar follows in a landmine allows you to keep your spine more upright, so you don’t put forces on it that can cause injury—as with a classic barbell deadlift.

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