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Iron Heavy, Full-Body Blast

Push yourself to the limit with this hardcore, superset workout.

Its workouts are designed to get you in and out of the gym as quickly as possible, while still providing you with a full array of muscle- and cardio-building benefits. The following iron-heavy workout certainly doesn't look like much here on the screen.

But put into practice—and with the clock ticking as you aim to complete the prescribed work in as little time as possible, while maintaining strict form—you'll understand why CrossFitters say "I do the impossible."

This routine is meant to be done in superset fashion in a sequence of 21-15-9. In other words, you'll do 21 deadlifts followed by 21 dumbbell split jerks on your first set, then 15 and 15, then nine and nine. The entire workout is to be performed without rest, although a rest-pause cadence—completing a few reps at a time and allowing for short bouts (10-20 seconds) of recovery—is certainly acceptable if this is your first go-round.

Choose a weight that is about 75% of your 1RM for the deadlifts, then use half of that weight for the dumbbell jerks. As an example, if your 1RM on the deadlift is 300 pounds, then load the bar with 225. For your dumbbell split jerks, you would use half of that weight—roughly 110 pounds, so two 55-pound dumbbells.

It should go without saying, but make sure to get in a thorough warm-up prior to diving into this workout, including 2-4 light sets of deadlifts and dumbbell split jerks. Note your time from first rep to last and aim to decrease that number each time you perform this workout.

Workout of the Day

Exercise: Deadlift
Reps: 21, 15, 9
-superset with-
Exercise: Dumbbell Split Jerk

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