Not many people approach me in the gym. This is my time and I always try to give the impression that to interupt my workout may cause grievous bodily harm. However, I can always tell that people wonder about what I’m doing and why. Just recently one brave soul actually asked about my workout. So here it is, an insite into one of my tough leg workouts. 

I know a few may read this and think thats gotta be easy because the weights used are not huge. Now, having said that, let’s consider the rep range and content of the workout. I challenge anyone to give it a go and say it was easy! My objective these days is to not only build muscle, but to condition it as well. When I train anything using a medicine or Bosu ball it’s to target my core and keep my form tight. When I train this way I elimininate the leverage that most people use.

The emphasis is always 100% on the body part I’m training. I also incorporate exercises such as box jumps, as it keeps not only an element of cardio, but it’s also a type of functional fitness that builds a different kind of strength. The following was my leg session this week, which I trained with IFBB Fitness Pro Donna Jones. She could no doubt attest to the world of hurt she felt over the next 2 days. For something a little different give it a go. I know you’ll find it challenging.

Killer Leg Workout – (2 rounds each)

– 3 minutes jumping rope
– Squats on bosu ball – 225lb x 20 superset with (box jumps below)
– Box jumps (I use a 46″ inch box) x 10

– Double unders (20) 
– Leg press drop set: 5 drops 10 x 450lb, 10 x 360lb, 10 x 270lb, 10 x 180lb, 50 x 90lb 
– 1 min box jumps 
– Full range squats body weight only on a medicine ball (20)