In the midst of a pandemic, things can get difficult in the hypertrophy training front when you don’t have a good gym to go to get a great workout in. There are definitely some workarounds when a lifter’s upper body is faced with this challenge; bodyweight pull-ups, elevated push-ups, and various band exercises can prove challenging and render results – especially for big, muscular men.

When it comes to the lower body, squat and lunge variations may be a little bit tired in your programming notebook. Giving your quads a new hit is beneficial, specifically if you have limited resources to do it.

Just as you shouldn’t skip leg day when the gym is opened, your lower body shouldn’t suffer during quarantine. Here are five bodyweight moves that you can do anywhere that will force your muscles to grow.

Each one is accompanied by an Instagram video demonstrating how to properly do the move. Incorporate them into your next workout, whether that be a full-body blitz or during the leg portion of your push-pull-leg split.

Still need a new regimen to try out? We have plenty of bodyweight routines for you to choose from here.

Lee Boyce is a personal trainer, speaker, fitness writer, and college professor based in Toronto, Canada. He is the owner and operator of and works with clients and athletes for strength, conditioning, and sport performance. With a background as a varsity level sprinter and long jumper in university amid his kinesiology studies, he now brings plenty of that experience and anecdote to the lectures and workshops he delivers around North America to help make trainers and fitness professionals more effective at their jobs. Follow him on all social media @coachleeboyce.

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