A big misconception is that you need to be at a gym to fully develop your body. The fact is that you can build a safe and effective home gym that will get you great results—possibly even faster than joining a gym.

Training at home has many benefits. Sometimes working out at a gym can be very distracting. People come up and talk to you, cough on you, who knows how many people have sweated on that bench without using a towel. Lets be honest here – how clean is a public gym compared to your own home? And don’t forget the crowds of people hogging the machines.

When you train at home, you have no distractions. Plus, you have the benefit of setting up your gym however you like.

Just make sure you answer these questions before you start building.

Home Gym

Home Gym Essentials That You’ll Actually Use

Everything you need to know to design your home gym.

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